Robotic Dairy Farm in Kaluga Region

The farm is located in Kaluga region and it was built in 2015 by German company in full accordance with their technology and know-how. This farm has a modern slotted manure removal technology and an automatic ventilation system. Milking operation is carried out using milking robots of English company “Fullwood” with a common herd management and analysis system.

The size of the farm’s cowshed is 129 * 32 meters and it is for 300 dairy cows of the Holstein breed and there is a nurse to feed the calves. The farm is equipped with machinery for cooling and storing milk (2 tanks with a capacity of 4 tons). The Farm owns 1000 hectares land around it and agricultural machinery for processing, sowing and harvesting as well as the German silo press. Two lagoons of open type are for storing manure with the volume of each 2500 cubic meters. There are several warehouses and household facilities. A warm warehouse for machinery and equipment maintenance has area of 745 sq.m. There are different facilities as kitchen, dining room, medical center, offices and storage rooms. The total area of the building is 839 sq.m.

Link to photo and video of this Farm.