Basic for new entrants

  • We analyse if Russia has a market for your products and if you should promote them here
    You will understand your market size and structure, your distribution channels, your competitors, the relevant regulations
    • and your real sales potential

    Not every product / service is in demand
    Costs of entry may outweigh benefits
    Key barriers may be hidden out of sight

  • We develop a market entry strategy for you or evaluate and improve yours
    You will take an informed decision about the form and scale of your business presence in Russia
    • and have a clear action plan

    Many things can be made easy if one knows how
    A local company or rep office is generally a tool for running operations rather than achieving targets
    Finding trustworthy local partners is key

  • We identify your potential customers / marketing partners, check their background and introduce you
    You will get to know your potential local buyers / importers / distributors whose identities and reliability we can screen for you
    • and establish your model of cooperation

    Your Russian customers / partners have to be your assets, not liabilities!
    It may not be enough to work with importers / distributors: we advise employing own agents

  • ABC may act as your agent acquiring clients for you and interacting with them on your behalf, representing you at fairs / conferences and organizing promo events
    Your products will be promoted in Russian, formally and informally, to select end clients.
    We will collect their feedback and deliver it to you.
    • this will ensure your commercial viability

    Your relations with us may be structured differently, depending on the end market, your experience with existing customers, degree of delegation, etc., but we promise full commitment